My first tweet

Mick Liubinskas made me do it. Well, he didn’t “make” me, but he did say he wasn’t going to talk to me until I could do it myself. Thrown in the deep end, on twitter of all things. This is the story of my first tweet, and the beginning of a new narrative for me that day, which has since revolutionised how I get my information, find opportunity and connect with people.

Ironically enough, I was attending Ross Dawson’s Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum, which was a gathering to discuss social media and how it was changing business. You can see the first message I sent on the screen shot above.

Later the following year, it was Steve Hopkins at the May 2010 Australian Davos Connection Future Summit who gave me a better insight to how Twitter works, and how it was necessary to build community through conversation to reach its full potential. I played around with Twitter, and after a short time- maybe one day- it fell into place and I understood the concept he was explaining.

Twitter not only shapes our social engagement and ability to get more information. I have a view that it directly shapes world events. Following the twitter stream on the night of 23 June 2010, after the 7.30 Report had ended on TV it seemed almost as though the conversation online gave the tipping point for Kevin Rudd’s leadership to be challenged. It toppled, and the rest is history. Thankfully, that wasn’t the end of Kevin Rudd, but it did show the influence of social media.

My experience on twitter would be different if it wasn’t for people like @liubinskas (Mick Liubinskas), @rossdawson (Ross Dawson) and @stevehopkins (Steve Hopkins). Twitter not only opens a new door to opportunity, but changes the narrative completely in some cases. None of this is possible without the participation from others. More than ever before, collaboration is more important than competition.


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