Bridge Stunt Chokes City (Source: SMH,

It is how you deal with disruption that is what’s most important. Shortly after launching my new website, I encountered some unexpected troubles with my old host provider. For me, this was a relatively small problem even though it consumed more time than I would have liked.

A few hours before my problems began there was a different story of disruption taking place in the centre of Sydney on one of the few internationally recognised iconic structures- the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

THE private pain of a troubled man rang out from Sydney’s iconic bridge and struck at its congested heart.

A lone act of defiance stopped trains, changed traffic lights and left one of Australia’s busiest stretches of road empty of the morning rush-hour peak, exposing the flaws in the city’s overburdened traffic network.

You can read the full story of ‘Mick’ Fox in the SMH article titled: Bridge Stunt Chokes City.

Mick was staging a protect that lasted shortly over two hours and created massive disruption to commuters, businesses, schools and infrastructure. One man almost brought a city to a stop, and this was true for many left waiting in traffic.

Results from a SMH Poll. (Source:

Was he right to do this? What about the unintended consequences of his actions? These questions are worth discussing, but that is not my point here. Interesting to see that many people see a protest of this magnitude can be justified.

Disruption is inevitable. Early into my army career, the truism “no plan survives first contact with the enemy” was drilled into our thinking. The enemy we face in our day-to-day lives are usually circumstances and access to resources, often affected by time and money. People are mostly just actors in these vignettes, rather than the villains themselves.

The important thing about disruption is how you deal with it.

Strong social capital helps. That has been proven, and shows why relationships across networks are important. Disruption takes investment- beforehand, in building social capital, and at the time when you caught amongst it, there is a need for focus and attention to make the right decisions to navigate a way towards a better situation. How prepared are you?

3 thoughts on “Disruption Is Inevitable

  1. The word “disruption” is sometimes used in English and French, to describe a sudden opening of an electrical circuit. Inherent to all disruption is an energy surge.

    It’s been my experience, I’ve at my most alert and creative, during the times of greatest disruption. While those times are challenging, I’ve learned disruption can be my best friend.



    1. Thanks Catherine- We all want to hug onto a warm, comfortable life. I think your comment shows the road to mediocrity is found among safety, among those cold and timid souls” which Theodore Roosevelt wrote about.

      Great metaphor- the surge of an electrical circuit. You might not have wanted the extra energy- now deal with it! And to your advantage!


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