Korea Roundtable

A roundtable is a place where Korean people will traditionally meet to eat food together. It is a place of exchange, of friendship, of family. This represents the close relationship between Australia and Korea. Everyone is welcome to participate. There is always space for one more. This diversity of inclusion leads to stronger cultural understanding and collaboration.

The idea came following past engagement observing the Australian-Korean relationship, and more recently after a conversation with the Korean Ambassador to Australia, Mr Cho Taeyong earlier in May this year.
Ambassador Cho identified how the friendship between Australia is strong, but as many would agree it could be described as a ‘two-speed relationship’: trade is strongly established but culture is poorly understood.
In May 2012 while visiting Yeosu Expo in Korea, I identified that current initiatives were not fully addressing this need, and later in early June held an initial scoping meeting at the Kyobo Building at Jongno-gu in Seoul.

The Korea has now been conducted in Seoul, Sydney and Melbourne. Coming soon to Brisbane and Canberra. It will next convene in Sydney on 14 August! Please join us! http://dosan.eventbrite.com/


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