cropped-bugler-sounds-last-post.jpgThis post is a long time coming.

Thanks to everyone who has been patiently encouraging me to finally publish here in my blog. I appreciate your encouragement and interest. I promise not to disappoint.

There has been a lot going on since I last posted in a blog about Social Alchemy.

I’ll begin this blog by reposting those earlier messages above. They will be reblogged because I believe it is important to retain the thread of this conversation.

The earlier blogs will be somewhat less refined that where my ability is today, and maybe that is to be celebrated. Signs of progress.

After reposting the earlier blogs, there are many current events I will be catching up on, and then I will provide some background as to what I have been doing in the time since the earlier blogs.

Ultimately, that is to get us to the beginning of a conversation which I hope that you might agree is important to share with you. Unpacking ideas that matter, and reframing an innovative agenda to bring game changing ideas to life.

I’m always interested in opening the circle and broadening the conversation, so please remember that sharing is caring, let me have a little Like Love, and drop a comment too.

Thanks for being part of the journey.


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