The PNG Solution was a proposed and arguably ill-conceived policy initiative that was hoped to resolve the Australia’s dilemma of how to process arrivals of people seeking resettlement by boat.

We all know what happened next…

But where to now? This situation is far from resolved, and what of our appreciation of the PNG relationship?

Papua New Guinea: supporting a new generation of emerging leaders to develop sustainable businesses in eco-tourism to strengthen small villages in remote areas.

In the wake of the recent ‘PNG Solution’, it is timely that Australia revisits our relationship with Papua New Guinea to examine how we can work together for a stronger region.

How well is Australia helping to support our closest neighbour, Papua New Guinea? Papua New Guinea is important because the prospect of a failed state on Australia’s doorstep is bad news to consider. This is a robust country with perhaps the richest diversity in nature and culture that might be found on earth, which has been exploited by extractive industries and plagued by corruption for far too long. We are asking how we can raise up a new generation of emerging leaders at the village as entrepreneurs to do good through a new approach to eco-tourism.


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