Asia Pacific continues to present unprecedented challenge and opportunity for Australia:

The Asian century offers a wealth of opportunity for business, but there is more work to do.

The opportunities are enormous. This calls for new relationships, nimble innovation and a pragmatic approach to cross-cultural understanding. More can be done, by all of us. The work of preparing Australia for the Asian century cannot depend on Government alone. The challenges we face are more complex and interconnected than ever before.

It is no longer business as usual.  Success will be based on choice, not chance. It calls for new skill sets, not just falling back on job descriptions and position. Adaptive leadership is required, which for many will present a new approach beyond what has been experienced.

Building Asia-relevant capabilities. Developing Asian-relevant capabilities specific to Asia is an investment in people, and contributes directly to productivity. International evidence connects language capabilities with export success, and shows loses where companies lack skills to overcome language and cultural differences. Having leaders with cultural knowledge, language skills and experience in Asia are factors that will contribute to Australia’s success.

Social Alchemy works across two key interrelated focal areas:

  • Building capability and strengthening links
  • Connecting with business, government and communities

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