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New strategies for a changed world.
The last five years have shown an increasing trend towards active citizenship, or civil society, including a distinctive public expression of philanthropic spirit. The increasing trend towards interest in financial models which take into account issues relating to ethical responsibility and the impact of investment decisions on the quality of life and environment of people affected is positive. This trend presents an indicator that the future is likely to mark a blurring of distinction between traditional business activity, and what is largely recognised as a separate public sector.

The enabling environment for social entrepreneurs will strengthen as driving forces move to increase an overlap of the three traditional sectors of government, business and community. This is regarded as creating a stronger civil society, inclusive of sound corporate citizenship. As the trend towards an increasing awareness of environmental sustainability has been seen in the last decade, a move towards a sustainable civil society supported by the emergence of new business systems such as social business as defined by Muhammad Yunus is considered highly likely as we emerge from global financial crisis as the new ‘Corporate Responsibility 2.0’.

Many people today are looking for extraordinary individuals with talent to change the world.

In his book “The Tipping Point”, Malcolm Gladwell explains that the closer an idea is to a ‘connector’, the more power it has. A ‘connector’ is someone who spans many different worlds, giving access to world’s we otherwise don’t belong to.


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