Alchemy is a process of transformational change.

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Things don’t remain static. We chose either to invest in a restorative way forward or to degrade existing structures further.  Alchemy creates a situation where the reach exceeds the grasp.  Steps beyond the normal paradigms of direct transactions, and instead requires thinking, feeling, sensate, intuition.

Whether alchemy is a myth is perhaps unimportant. What is significant is that it communicates using old recipes for living in a new world. Wisdom, skill and experience all contribute to optimal innovation. So to in the 21st Century with great advances in technology and social media- there will always be a place for timeless truth, and the experience of others.

Alchemy presents three benefits:

  • Adding new dimensions to life.
  • Making adversity your ally.
  • Allowing for the unexpected.

The legend of the alchemists suggested that alchemy begins in darkness and chaos. So too perhaps with problems we face today- encountering problems and situation which might appear to be hopeless or without solution.

The legend of alchemy was always about making something less into something great. Alchemy was seen to transform everything in its path. Alchemy is about creating new life. Alchemy increases value from what exists.

In doing so, alchemy is about adaptive change, not technical fixes. This isn’t business as usual, and entertains the option of doing impossible things. The (al)chemist is about healing and restorative forces.

Relationship forms a key aspect of alchemy. Alchemy is about weaving a union and expanding beyond what is perceived as available.

Alchemy challenges what is known and involves breaking with habitual patterns.

Alchemy relies upon passion (and the heat that comes from courting controversy). Early alchemists used fire as a means of transmutation. So too, require the motivation of passion for fire today.


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